Available Hearing Aids

Listed below are the hearing aids currently available through AUDIENT. A variety of styles are available from four suppliers – Oticon, Phonak, Siemens, and Widex. Program fees vary according to the model of the hearing aid the AUDIENT participating hearing care provider recommends to benefit your specific type of hearing loss.

Hearing Aids available through the AUDIENT Program
Supplier** Model***
Oticon Go STD
Oticon GO VC
Oticon GO DIR
Oticon GO Power
Oticon Go PRO
Oticon Go PRO Power
Oticon SUMO E
Oticon SUMO XP
Oticon SUMO DM
Oticon HIT
Oticon HIT Low Profile
Oticon HIT Power
Phonak UNA
Phonak UNA AZ
Phonak UNA P
Phonak UNA M
Phonak UNA M AZ
Phonak UNA SP
Phonak UNA SP AZ
Siemens INTUIS Life
Siemens INTUIS Dir
Siemens INTUIS S Dir
Siemens INTUIS SP Dir
Unitron Element 8 Dir
Unitron Element 8
Unitron Element 8 P
Unitron Next Essential
Unitron Next Essential Dir
Unitron Next Essential HP
Unitron Next Essential Moda II
Unitron Next 4 Dir
Unitron Next 4
Unitron Next 4 P
Unitron Next 4 HP
Unitron 360 E SP
Unitron 360+ Premium SP
Widex Bravissimo
Widex Real

* AUDIENT fees, prices and costs subject to change without advanced notice.

** The manufacturer's limited warranty period covers repair and one-time loss or damage. The period of time for the repair and the period of time for the one-time loss and damage may not be the same. Please check with your provider. The payment of a $200 processing fee for each replacement hearing aid will be the AUDIENT participant's responsibility. Additionally, the AUDIENT participant is responsible to pay for any provider related expenses pertaining to dispensing the replacement hearing aids. The AUDIENT provider will directly bill those expenses, if any, to the AUDIENT participant.

*** Certain models are available in a number styles including BTE, HS, FS, ITE, CA, CIC, and Open Fit.

updated October 1, 2009